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Hillcrest picnic area

Purely by chance one Sun­day morn­ing we stum­bled upon this pic­nic spot. I am sure most peo­ple with agree with me that this is not the most eye catch­ing spot to spend the day, but never the less, it is safe and quiet.

The pic­nic site is sit­u­ated in an old dis­used quarry on the farm, and this makes it very shel­tered from the noto­ri­ous south easter, but the flip side of this is that on those hot swel­ter­ing days in sum­mer it feels like you are stuck in an oven. Ensure that you bring your gazebo or umbrella. This is a pity, because we all thought that a few trees would add greatly to the appeal of the place.

One of the worst things of pic­nick­ing for me is that often one has to lis­ten to a few car radios com­pet­ing against each other with their music. I can­not think of any­thing worse to do on a relax­ing Sun­day after­noon. Gladly I can say that this was not the case at Hill­crest whilst we were there, and we hope that it stays that way. If you would like to braai, there are three or four braai drums pro­vided, but on a busy day you might have to bring your own.

This is appar­ently a moun­tain bik­ers heaven , so if you are a keen cyclist bring your bike along and test the very pop­u­lar route on the farm. Other activ­i­ties include fish­ing (at an addi­tional fee) and walk­ing on the farm (just not in the har­vest­ing sea­son) and wine tasting.

Hill­crest, Durbanville
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These tips will prob­a­bly apply to many pic­nic sites, but this is what we thought should not be forgotten

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