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Cape Town Gardens

A visit to the leg­endary Cape Town Gar­dens turned out to be much more than what I expected. For me, liv­ing in Cape Town, the Gar­dens is a child­hood mem­ory renowned for feed­ing the squir­rels and the birds in lus­cious green sur­round­ings.

The Gar­dens are well kept, with clean­ers and secu­rity guards on duty and in sight every­where. Not at any time did we feel unsafe.
A tourist attrac­tion is the very tame birds and squir­rels that will harass you, should you have any food items in your hands. The older chil­dren really love this. At one stage I had about seven birds on my arms and a squir­rel climb­ing up my leg to get to the packet of peanuts I was hold­ing. This mostly hap­pens in the area close to the restau­rant where there is more peo­ple and food available.

The restau­rant is still located at its orig­i­nal spot and did not change much at all. We were lucky to see two albino squir­rels, some­thing I’ve never seen before. Towards both ends of the Gar­den it was quiet and peace­ful. This is where we decided to have our pic­nic. The relaxed atmos­phere and fresh air helped us unwind and we enjoyed pic­nick­ing on the lawn.

For those who like there bot­tle of wine included in their pic­nic bas­ket, alco­hol is not allowed, which is self explana­tory.
The Gar­dens looks slightly dif­fer­ent, and a few ponds with ducks and duck­lings were added to the upgrades.

In sum­mary I can rec­om­mend you to take a nos­tal­gic trip down mem­ory lane, as the Gar­dens is def­i­nitely worth a visit. I would not put this on the top of list for pic­nic spots, although we enjoyed a lazy morn­ing on the per­fectly man­i­cured lawn.

graffitti_bamboo bees the_well
Graf­fiti bamboo The orig­i­nal well
Cape Town Gar­dens, Cape Town
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These tips will prob­a­bly apply to many pic­nic sites, but this is what we thought should not be for­got­ten.

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