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Asparagus wrapped in bacon

When my wife saw that i dropped a small packet of aspara­gus in the bas­ket, she was adamant that they do not taste nice, and its just going to be waste of money. A day or two later , once I made them, my wife must have for­got­ten what she said, as she non­cha­lantly remarked that “these are really good, I think you should make this again”. Need I say more…

This is not even a recipe, it is so easy to put together, it is actu­ally more a reminder of what else one could grill on the fire, that is quick, easy and tasty to make. I am pretty sure this will also work well in a fry­ing pan, on the fire, or on your gas stove.


A cou­ple of aspara­gus
A cou­ple of slices streaky bacon
Some tooth­picks


Wrap the aspara­gus with the bacon, and pin the ends of the bacon with the tooth­picks to the aspara­gus. Braai or fry until done.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon with lamb chops

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