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Near Landroskop, on the Boland Hiking Trail

Boland Hik­ing Trail

Nuwe­berg to Landroskop

The Boland Hik­ing Trail is a three day hike sit­u­ated in the 70 000 ha Hot­ten­tots Hol­land Nature Reserve, approx­i­mately 90 km from Cape town. For­tu­nately there are there are var­i­ous options avail­able, one does not have to hike the whole three days in one go. With only two days on hand we decided to do the the most pop­u­lar option being the Nuwe­berg to Lan­droskop route, and back to Nuwe­berg via the jeep track.

I first did some googling on this hike, as I had no clue of what to expect, and to my amaze­ment I was shocked to learn that this hike has claimed many lives over the years. One often has this sense of false safety when you think that you are close to home and help should be close at hand. Most of the deaths were caused by hypother­mia, and this is prob­a­bly why this hike is closed dur­ing the worst win­ter months, namely July and August.
Although the route from Nuwe­berg to Lan­droskop is only 12km long, we expected it to be really tough, accord­ing to the gra­di­ent on one of the sites on the inter­net, but much to our sur­prise we thought that it was one of the eas­ier hikes that we have done. I must also add that we walked it on one of those per­fect clear win­ters days, and had this been one of those blis­ter­ingly hot days we all would have had a dif­fer­ent opin­ion on how easy this day might be.
We also had two new­bie hik­ers with us and they seemed to have enjoyed it thor­oughly. We heard no com­plaints what so ever.
Appar­ently the huts has gone through a makeover, with a deck and a braai lappa being added quite recently. From the deck of Sham­rock Lodge hut we had spec­tac­u­lar views over the Thee­wa­ter­skloof dam and the sun­rise the next morning.

Shamrock Lodge hut on the Boland Hiking Trail
Day two is not much of a hike, it took us less than two and a half hours to get back to Nuwe­berg, but the views were jaw drop­ping. In sum­mer this must be a great walk with all the water holes beg­ging you to jump in.
And now about the dog. I have been asked more than once if you can take your dog with on the hike. No def­i­nitely not. We sus­pect that this very friendly dog belongs to one of the fam­i­lies work­ing at the forestry sta­tion. This dog was very deter­mined to walk with us, and noth­ing we did would stop her from tag­ging along. She lead the way and we actu­ally enjoyed her com­pany in the end. She must have walked this hike at least six times to the once that we did it, and just as mys­te­ri­ously as she joined us she dis­ap­peared at the end of the hike again. She did not even bother to hang around for our group photo.

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Boland Hik­ing Trail
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Tel no 021 483 0190 G.P.S.
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Hike Details
Near­est Town Grabouw Max Per­sons
Dis­tance from Town Overnight Shel­ter Yes, in huts
Map to start of hike Brochure Click Here
No of days We walked two of the the three days Trail Type Cir­cu­lar
Tips and things to do

These tips will prob­a­bly apply to many hikes, but this is what we thought should not be forgotten

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