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Hout Bay from the Hoerikwaggo Trail

Hoerik­waggo is the indige­nous Khoekhoen word for Table Moun­tain, mean­ing “ moun­tains in the sea”.

On this hike I don’t know what took my breath away the most , the never end­ing uphills or the stun­ning views. I def­i­nitely do not have any words to describe the awe­some beauty of this hike and no mat­ter how many pho­tos or video clips one sees, unless you do this hike for your­self you will never truly know what you are miss­ing. With out a doubt this is another “bucket list” hike.

Unfor­tu­nately there is a price to pay for these mirac­u­lous views, and that is the really stren­u­ous up and down­hills. Our group have all walked parts of Table Moun­tain many times, but never from Sil­ver­mine side. I don’t know if it was the 30°C heat that we had for the two days or our back­packs, but to put it very mildly, we took much more strain than we ever antic­i­pated. For most of us in our group we like to use Arang­ieskop as a yard­stick to “mea­sure” the dif­fi­culty of a hike, and we all agreed that this hike out did Arang­ieskop by far. This hike should not be taken lightly.

The brochure (see attached pdf) states that the Orangek­loof sec­tion is tough and that the Table Moun­tain sec­tion is mild. Although we agreed that the Orangek­loof sec­tion was tough, we thought that the Table Moun­tain sec­tion was much more dif­fi­cult, con­sid­er­ing we had to ascend almost a 1000m in in 9km! It has been a long time since I have taken so much strain on such a short sec­tion of a hike. One must also bear in mind that there are other con­tribut­ing fac­tors that can make a hike feel more dif­fi­cult, spe­cially the weather, and maybe it was the two days of hot weather that got to us.

The tented camp at Orangek­loof is truly spec­tac­u­lar and it far exceeded our expec­ta­tions. I can­not remem­ber when last I have been on a hike with such lux­u­ri­ous accom­mo­da­tion. (Maybe the Whale Trail, their overnight accom­mo­da­tion is bet­ter but not as lux­u­ri­ous.) The tented camp is fairly expen­sive but we all agreed that it was very well worth the money spent. We have already stared mak­ing plans for a return visit.

The Hoerik­waggo also has a slack pack­ing option, although at the time we walked the hike TMNP had dis­con­tin­ued this ser­vice. We also could not leave a vechile at the overnight spots, so in the end we opted to carry our back­packs. One could get a friend or fam­ily mem­ber to pick up and drop your pack every day, but you will have to arrange this with the hike TMNP.

One let down we had with the tented camp was the issue with the wood. We were told that there would be wood (even though it was not good wood for braaing on), but never in our wildest dreams did we expect that we would get treated pine planks to braai with. We would gladly have paid extra for a decent bag of wood.

For­tu­nately we all car­ried a hand­ful char­coal, and this was enough to cook our food with.

The only gripe we had with this hike is that the hike is not marked at all, and you are also not sup­plied with any map other than the map on the attached pdf, that is way inad­e­quate. We feel that TMNP could sup­ply a basic map with mark­ers painted onto the rock so that one can know exactly where you are. This can save one many hours of frustration.

Would I want to do this hike again? Yes, absolutely, but I think I will aim to do it in spring or Autum.

If you agree or dis­agree please feel free to leave your com­ment at the bot­tom of the page.

Co-​ordinates to actual start of hike 34° 431.07“S, 18°241.94“E
Co-​ordinates to Orangk­loof Tented Camp 34° 018.41“S, 18°2332.36″ E


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Hoerik­waggo Trail
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Hike Details
Near­est Town Depends on start­ing point Max Per­sons 12 for the tented camp
Dis­tance from Town Depends on start­ing point Overnight Shel­ter Yes, tents
Map to start of hike Brochure
No of days 1 to 5 Trail Type Lin­ear
Tips and things to do

These tips will prob­a­bly apply to many camp sites, but this is what we thought should not be forgotten

1.Even though the brochure says that you can leave your car car at Orangek­loof, we were told that we can­not. Find out , maybe TMNP has changed its pol­icy since we have walked the hike.
2.The Orangek­loof sec­tion has no water on day one in sum­mer, make sure that you have at least two litres with you.
3. On the morn­ing of day two, there is appar­ently a stun­ning walk through the for­est , but we could not find the start of this path , even though we had a com­pre­hen­sive map of Table Moun­tain, the whole of Orangek­loof is marked as a restricted area, not show­ing any detail at all.

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