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Bloupunt hike starts vir­tu­ally in the town of Montagu.This hike does have hik­ing accom­mo­da­tion, but the ranger did not want us to take our vechiles to the hut. After nego­ti­a­tions we could take our vechiles to the hut, but we then had to bring

them back to the park­ing area again, and then walk back.

Their rea­son is, and I must agree that it is a valid rea­son, that peo­ple play their radio at top vol­ume all day and this is detri­men­tal to the fauna. In the end we decided to stay at de Bos camp­site.

This hike is clearly marked and the trail is in good con­di­tion, but don’t be fooled, this is a nasty bump. The G.P.S. shows that we ascended more than a 1000m in 5.5km. Inter­est­ingly the web site shows this to be a15.6km hike, but our G.P.S. showed that we only walked 11km!

The view from the sum­mit is stun­ning, and almost a full 360″. From there one can see Mon­tagu, Ash­ton and Robert­son in the dis­tance with Arang­ieskop loom­ing over the town

I thought that the up was quite a good work over, but was I in for a sur­prise on the way down. The down is steep, but not a scary steep, just very heavy on the legs, so much so that some of the expe­ri­enced hik­ers in our party were get­ting the “rub­ber legs” , but I think that we ascended way to fast ‚as we fin­ished the hike in six hours.

I rec­om­mend an early start. We started walk­ing just before 7H00 and by the time we were com­ing down the Kloof (and that was well before mid­day), it felt like we were walk­ing in a microwave oven. As for water, once you are out of the kloof there is no more, so be pre­pared and have enough water with you.

Would I do this hike again soon? Prob­a­bly not soon, but its amaz­ing how eas­ily one for­gets the pain. So in the long run I would say yes, and then I wont be the unsus­pect­ing vic­tim of a mean work­out. And of course I will walk it slower , much slower.

Con­tact Details
Tel no 0236142471 G.P.S. 33.779186,20.112415
Cell no Fax
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Hike Details
Near­est Town Mon­tagu Max Per­sons 12
Days 610 hours Trail Type Cir­cu­lar
Dis­tance 15.6 km Brochure

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