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Pri­mar­ily we are hik­ers, who also enjoy camp­ing. One can do the same hike (or camp) many times and expe­ri­ence it dif­fer­ently almost every time, depend­ing on the heat, whom you are with, and many other fac­tors. The aim here is to per­son­alise the the expe­ri­ences and describe it as we saw it at the time of actu­ally hik­ing or camping.

We also thought of adding spe­cific tips for each hike, although most of these tips would apply to many of the hikes. For exam­ple, I don’t usu­ally walk with a walk­ing stick, but if I ever had the oppor­tu­nity to walk the Fish River Canyon again, I would def­i­nitely take a walk­ing stick with, as this makes the river cross­ings a breeze.

Many of the guys in our group also enjoy pho­tog­ra­phy, and the idea came up “Why don’t we pub­lish the the pic­tures of the hikes for all to see.” What mostly hap­pens, you take the pho­tos, look at them once or twice, and then they land up on your hard drive “gath­er­ing dust”. The pho­tos will also give oth­ers a bet­ter idea of what to expect on the hike if they have not done it before.

Over the years many in our group of hik­ers have come and gone, but gen­er­ally we are a core group of about six hik­ers. We def­i­nitely do not see our­selves as hard core hik­ers (in fact we are all in our mid for­ties), we just enjoy the out­doors and each oth­ers company.

I can­not imag­ine that there are many other expe­ri­ences that can “clean your head” as much as a hike. For the first time in about twenty years of hik­ing, some of us decided to take a break dur­ing one of our walks, lie on our backs, and watch the clouds sail by. Maybe it sounds stu­pid, but it is an expe­ri­ence that I will never for­get. As the old say­ing goes “The best things in life are free”, and I cant agree more.

Most of these camp sites and hikes we have been to in the last two years. The major­ity of these places are in a radius of 250km of Cape Town, as trav­el­ing fur­ther than 250km for a week­end is just to far , and not worth the time spent in a car.

The West­ern Cape has so much to offer in such a small area, I often think that we for­get that we can be so for­tu­nate to have such a diver­sity all within two and a half hours drive, from the West Coast with its icy waters and very spe­cific fyn­bos, to the moun­tains with its endemic fyn­bos and snow in the win­ter, to the South Coast with its rolling hills and over­flow­ing coastal towns. We have it all. (In case you were won­der­ing we live in Cape Town.)

The idea behind this (hobby) web­site is to keep all the infor­ma­tion in one place. I want to share thoughts and infor­ma­tion with other like minded peo­ple. “Nice” infor­ma­tion such as G.P.S. co-​ordinates, espe­cially for camp­sites and hikes that are some­times “hid­den”.
This site is still in its infancy so be patient in this process of stream­lin­ing and mak­ing it more user friendly. You are most wel­come to send any ideas, sug­ges­tions or infor­ma­tion to make this site worth read­ing and shar­ing!

Jens – Fellow-​Hiker, Nature-​lover, Tent-​Camper

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